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  • :music: Happy Birthday to you Allise :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuu :music:

    From Ronnie, Annabelle :kiss:, Tessa :kiss: and Katy :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    :kiss: = Slobbery lick, Hence three from Miss Katy, as she can never do one :)
    Hi Allise,
    You are NOT jumping the gun. The ornament is in production as we speak. As soon as I get the prototype and approve it I will put out a sneak peek at the new 2010. It looks quite nice already! Thanks for asking. Cissy
    :allg069::allg069:YIPPEE!!! Huge Congratulations to you and your pretty girl Olivia!! I am doing the Happy Dance with you! :dance01::dance01::dance01:

    I knew you could do it!! Have a wonderful day!
    Hi Allise! Did I ever reply to the message you left me in Nov? I'm sorry if I didn't...... I am about an hour ish from Danbury maybe alittle more. I live near Hartford, South Windsor to be exact.
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