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    sweet Loki is 11 and almost blind. any suggestions for her care other than keeping furniture in the same place and keeping the same routine?
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    All of the sudden, Loki likes lettuce. I mean she would eat a head of ice burg daily if I gave it to her. Anyone else have a new that does this?
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    Farewell Sweet Daisy!

    RIP Daisy Thanks for being my friend, guard dog, lover of all
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    How long between allergy testing?..

    Loki had allergy testing 3 years ago, she gets a weekly shot. My question is, should I get her re tested? Humans are supposed to have a scratch test every 3 all are my resource an the experts....
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    Why does Loki eat bark?

    Over the last 3 months, Loki has been picking up a small stick torn piece of mulch on our walks and she crunches and eats it....any thoughts on why she is doing this? Teeth seem fine....thanks!
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    Barking at night

    Loki has me trained...she barks around 330 am very morning to go out and do her business....she has done this since I rescued's part of our life together....problem is..over the last 2 weeks she has been barking and getting me up 2 and 3 times at night. She is not kennel end and...
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    2 year old Saint in Charleston SC

    A woman I work with is wanting to rehome her male Saint. This is so sad. I cannot take him...I have the 2 girl newfs and feel bad enough over not being home 24/7 for them...Pm if you are interested or have any suggestions! Thanks!
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    Saints and Newfs? ADVICE Please!

    I have 2 sweet Newfy girls...Loki(6) and Daisy(8) they are both in decent health and are happy pups. Question: I have a friend with a 18 month old male Saint....he needs a home....can I do this? I am single, but have puppy camp 3 days a week and can go home and walk everyone on the other days...
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    To Roomba or not...

    The girls and I have a new home with all wood floors, one of my friends suggested a Roomba to keep the hair down....any feedback on the pet Roomba from you NN peeps?
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    ITCHING, need help

    Loki is allergic to SIXTY things! She sees her Derm, we do shots, I give Zyrtec at day time, and Benedryl @ night! We bathe every other week w Selsun. Am I missing anything? Seems like Summer instead of Spring is the worst... Any thoughts are appreciated Jill
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    Loki always wants some mixed nuts when I am snacking....NNfriends, is this ok?
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    Oklahoma newfs?

    Is anyone doing anything to support or aide Newfs that may have been displaced by the tornadoes?
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    Cough? Allergies?

    Well, I bit the bullet and paid 775.00 for allergy testing and serum...Loki is allergic to...everything. Dust mites, cat dander, many grasses and trees! New development is, she coughs every morning, like she is clearing her throat, only clear phlegm comes up...any one else see this?
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    Turkey bad?

    Someone told me that Turkey is bad for dogs. I thought boneless turkey was fine... I even cook a breast now and then to mix with their kibble..... Please advise....thanks! Jill
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    Invisible fence?

    Help! I have moved, have a great back porch and yard for the dogs, plus a doggie door so the can go in and out. Worry is, them jumping the fence while I am at work.....any suggestions?