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All of the sudden, Loki likes lettuce. I mean she would eat a head of ice burg daily if I gave it to her. Anyone else have a new that does this?


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I think several people on this board have told stories about their fruit and veggie eating Newfs. Can't remember lettuce as a particular treat, though.

I think Leonard's dog Snuffles liked cantaloupe a lot.


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If I offer them fruit or veggies they take it and drop it on the floor but if it's in their dish mixed with raw meat and supplements they eat it all and lick their bowls clean.


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My lot love lettuce and other veggies.not so keen on fruit though.

I made the mistake of leaving the bag of veg in the porch while l was moving in the other shopping.came back to find a trail of bits of carrots,calabrese and cabbage in the hallway and living room and there's a few times l've had to rescue the calabrese from the tribe when l ooen the fridge door.

R Taft

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Mine are fruit and veg lovers and I have posted videos in the past of them stealing cabbages in the garden and munching them.

Mind you we are RAW feeders, so veg and fruit is quite the norm in their diet. Ours pick fruit and steal too LOL

Bailey Boy

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LOL mine like fruits and vegetables too. My Tootsie actually won a game by eating lemon :)

Our orange feline fellow loves pumpkin, Tucker will come up and start licking the container as I have to give Ginger pumpkin to help with her bum issues.


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My Bobby loves banana! He will literally try to do a back flip for one. My dane and the hound like them too. This is the time of year when I buy them each a small pumpkin to play with and eat. That keeps them busy a while. They like squashes of all kinds. And green beans. Carrots are okay, but not a favorite.