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    Elmira NY storm

    they are saying it was a possible tornado i dont know i live in southport and the wind was bad enough here we had small branches flying but nothing major. simba just lay ed there like nothing was wrong both kittens were going nuts. when the storm just got here i was unplugging a few things...
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    yuck kitten

    that's about what simba thought when the kitten sylvester decided to run to simba they were both moving so not the greatest pic. simba is lifting his paw so the kitty couldn't touch it lol. ok gary named sylvester and i named sly here are the 2 of them together sly has not been eating that...
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    new kitten

    I got a call from my vet this morning they had a barn kitten come in last night and they had just got done neutering him so i went to look at the little guy and fell lol so now i have another kitten the last one 2 cats is my limit the only thing they had me pay was his first shot and dewormer...
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    he was just to cute not to take a pic.
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    newf and kitten

    last yr i had to put down both my cats today i bring home a 3 month old Savannah kitten well simba (newf) is way to excited and at times seem territorial like this is his home the cat should listen to him im hoping they both settle in better but any tips would be appreciated. i am actually...
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    bad year

    i think im just numb right now i dont know but so far i had to put to sleep both my cats over the summer last month my grandma pased away and i had to put sassie to sleep last night. i think i would feel worse but i know midnight was 15 1/2 yrs old skeeter was one month short of 12yrs old and...
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    simbas fun day

    we took simba with us to visit my mom. he made himself at home after drooling on everyone and picking on my moms bird. then we went to my aunts house and he was getting loving from everyone my aunt wanted me to let him leash free to romp in the snow but simba is not so good with total freedom...
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    i have a problem

    books are good for other people but not one with an addictive personality. im making my self sick so i have to stay away from the comp for a while if i can. i have been shaky for 3 days now and have not ate enough to say so. i dont know if i can help myself but im going to try. it hard to...
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    books are bad

    at least for me i have been obsessed with them for a while now so much so that i have not done anything but read. i found a used book store and i found out that barns and nobles is close by i never new we had one lol. i did get a library card but i never find what i like and never found anyone...
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    sleepy simba

    he looked so cute and funny i had to take a pic lol.
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    simba had fun today

    i wish i would have thought to take my camera but oh well. we decided he needed to get out. i have been preoccupied by some books. we decided to take him to the pet shop i was a little worried because of his last outing he lunged at a few dogs but he has met the mangers little tarrier before...
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    eye ? (nn)

    sheba's eye looked a little off in the beginning with her mouth problem her 3rd eye lid was a little out but vets thought nothing of it well. the lid went back to were it belongs but i have noticed that she used it to blink. today i finally decided to really look at it its fine really but...
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    not happy

    my dad brings home a ? Scorpion today. i have no clue what it is or how venomous it is and i am not thrilled. i didn't mind when he had empire scorpions because they were big and the venom is not bad. but this thing he brought home is small and yellow. it fits in a bottle cap i tried to get...
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    Christmas pics of my crew

    Sheba is well not to into it but the rest are happy enough. Sheba, Blackie, Sassie, Simba when Sheba had her mouth problem she started to lick her legs now they look gross. simba is just being good waiting for his treat plus he loves the camera lol
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    new cat behavior

    my cats are almost 14 and 10yrs old they have never touched toilet paper ever but the last 2 days one of the cats has been having a ball shredding it. im not sure what they are trying to tell me they wont play with toys. we moved the tp so it wont happen again but it has me puzzled because...