books are bad


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at least for me i have been obsessed with them for a while now so much so that i have not done anything but read. i found a used book store and i found out that barns and nobles is close by i never new we had one lol. i did get a library card but i never find what i like and never found anyone helpful but the book stores the people are very helpful.

so far i have bought and read the twilight seres and Anne rices vampire chronicles and the witch seres.

my dad keeps pestering me about what i want next i keep telling him i dont know because the things i am into are vampires and werewolf stories some ghost stores are good.

anyone know of another vampire or werewolf series or book that is good?


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So happy that books and assorted types of book stores are found to be in and around where you live. In good can take books on a hike or sitting outside..for hours of peaceful reading..and on the cold and snowy days of can curl up in house, and read with book lights..or candle power. :) ina n HB n Kesa


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Laurell K Hamilton anita blake is a good set though the later books are rather poor.

Kelley Armstrong is also good, very quirky at times.

Charlaine Harris who writes the sookie stackhouse is another good one, if you want send me your email address as I have some great vampire,werewolf stuff that can be read on your computer via microsoft lit. the lit is downloadable so wont cost you anything.


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Was just going to suggest the Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) series by Charlaine Harris, but Victoria beat me to it. :) The TV series True Blood is based on them.


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Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series are good.
There is Kelley Armstrong she writes the underworld series the first is Bitten. There are a lot of books she has written that tie all of the characters together. I think you will really like it.
Kim Harrison
Michelle Rowan and the Bitten and Smitten Series
Katie Macalister Aisling grey series. (LOVED it, Her demon is in Newf form) First one is You Slay me.
There is a series that will keep you reading for awhile. It is not werewolves or Vampires but it has you Laughing through the whole series. She is a Lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter very funny books. Janet Evanovich One for the money is the first one.


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thanks i have a lot to look for. i got to wait for good weather but i mite try the library again now i have a few to look for instead of going there blind lol.

i say they are bad for me because i get to addicted when i first got twilight and new moon i stayed up over 24 hours and forgot to even eat just to read them i forgot everything and couldn't put them down.


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i have to agree with lynn, i love janet evanovich!!!LMAO!! the plumb series, easy reads and hillarious!!


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I'm reading the House of Night series right now (P.C. Cast is the author). Like Twilight, it is about teenage vampires-to-be and is set at a vampire finishing school (sort of like Harry Potter but with vamps). The writing is a bit juvenile, but the story lines are interesting. They are quick reads. The first book in the series is 'Marked'.