simba had fun today


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i wish i would have thought to take my camera but oh well. we decided he needed to get out. i have been preoccupied by some books.

we decided to take him to the pet shop i was a little worried because of his last outing he lunged at a few dogs but he has met the mangers little tarrier before so i went ahead and took him. the terrier submitted to him than acted a little scared.

next thing i know the terrier is telling simba off lol it was cute because simba just stood there a little later simba was pouncing around playing with the little guy getting way over excited but also being very gentle with him. i had to stop the playing because i didn't want simba to brake anything but it made my day.

the next stop was the feed store and simba slimed a few people he was not as well behaved because he was still wired from the little pup but the people didn't mind.

he is so good when i take him there the little dog had a very small bone laying around and simba only sniffed it same with all the open treats that they have a dog level never taken anything. i wish he was that good when i take him to my family's homes but it was a very good day.

R Taft

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I am happy for you to have had such a lovely day, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy doesn't it?


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GOOD BOY, SIMBA...give him some big ol' (((HUGS))) for us for being such a good doggie citizen.