Elmira NY storm


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they are saying it was a possible tornado i dont know i live in southport and the wind was bad enough here we had small branches flying but nothing major. simba just lay ed there like nothing was wrong both kittens were going nuts. when the storm just got here i was unplugging a few things when it blow open the front door had to shut it and lock it to keep it closed forgot the bathroom window was open so it was all wet. i just got out of the shower just before it hit. were the possible tornado hit was not all that far from me. i dont have any pics but my street really didn't have much to take a pic of. my brothers street was filled with tree branches that blocked the whole street. we only lost power for a minute.

i dont think there were any major injures at lest none i could find on the Internet about the storm.


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Wow! Close call. Glad everyone is alright. I was watching the Weather Channel and they were talking about possible tornadoes in New York.

This weather is so strange. After 2 months of extreme drought, we got 5 minutes of heavy rainfall Wednesday that knocked our power out, on the hottest day so far this year, for 4.5 hours. Our trees aren't blowing over, they are just flat out dying in the heat along with all our shrubbery. So much for gardening as a hobby.
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We had a watch all day yesterday and one storm came through around 8pm. My dogs who usually ignore weather both hid in strange places in the house, away from where dd and I were. I was watching the warnings for Elmira and environs on my phone as storms approached (NW CT here). Glad you are ok!


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I too heard the warnings for a tornado in Elmira, NY. We lost power for about 4 hours. In hindsight, I should have given the warnings closer attention...just glad all is well.


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my brothers only lives like 10 blocks away and at lest earlier didn't have power but we do i dont know how bad the damage is for one thing the brakes went on the van so no vehicle right now so i have only seen the pics posted on the Internet. i have not looked it up today so I'm not sure of any more news on it. but i think they said it was definitely a tornado but they dont know how big.