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    Snow Pictures

    It's been awhile since we have posted some pictures, so I thought I would share some my favorites from this winter. Sherman Leroy Boys being boys
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    It's happening again

    Hi everybody, I have been lurking around here lately and not posting the last few months, but I need some advice from the experts. About a year ago I posted about the boys having their first fight. (I have 2 intact males, who are intact because we show them) The fights went on for about 2 months...
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    OFA questions.

    Hoping for some advice from the experts on some OFA questions I have. First, I am wondering when most of you do your hips and elbows. I always thought that age 2 was the best time for it, but have recently heard that some people wait until the dog is older. Second, what is your vets choice for...
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    Finally, a picture of the boys together

    I was finally able to get Sherman to sit next to Leroy long enough to take a few pictures of them together. Close, but a bit closer would be better. Perfect!
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    Happy Birthday Leroy

    I made this picture up today to celebrate Leroy's birthday. The gentle part is not really one of Leroy's characteristics, but it sounded good!
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    He protects her.

    I took this photo the other day of Sherman and my daughter. The saying I added in was from an old Pedigree add that had a little girl and a newf, it was from 12 years ago and I just always loved the saying
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    Does anyone know of a good place to get a backpack? I would like to get one for Sherman and have seen some at the pet store but they don't fit. Thanks!
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    He's out to get me!

    Leroy has recently learned that if he walks close enough behind me he can step on the back of my slipper at just the right time and I will fall down.:kgo_017: The first time this happened I thought just a simple accident, the second time hmm.., the third time "Leroy what the #!###!" the fourth...
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    Some days my job sucks

    I love my job but somedays it just sucks! This week we had a person bring in a dog that had eaten rat posion. He brought the dog in because it had stopped eating and was lethargic. He stated that the dog ate the rat posion the day before and was fine up until a few hours ago. We examined the...
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    Leroy discovered we have a pool.

    This morning Leroy discovered that the big round thing in the middle of the backyard is a pool.:uhoh2: The pool has been there for 10 years, Leroy has been here for 18 months, I knew sooner or later he would discover it, but I wish it wasn't at 7am, in the winter, with the cover on. (above...
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    Color genetics question.(long)

    For all of you color gentics experts out there, I have been reading up on some of the color gentics and I need someone out there to let me know if I have this right. Both of the boys carry some diiferent colors in there genes so I am a little confused. Sherman seems to be a bit easier than...
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    MCK question

    Going to buy my first MCK and was just wondering if you should use the same blade on the chest as you do around the ears? I am so nervous to use this on the dogs because Leroy is going to start showing again in a few months and if I make a mistake my handler will not be happy. He has given me...
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    Don't leave your stuff where Leroy can get it!

    Ever since we got Leroy I always tell my kids-"Don't leave your stuff where Leroy can get it, on the floor, table, counters, etc. You would think after numerous things have been eaten or destroyed they would get the hint. Nope! So the other day was another lesson learned for my 8 year old son...
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    Does anyone know what part of the Azalea is toxic to dogs? I just looked it up and it didn't say if it was the flowers or leaves that can be toxic. I just went outside to let the dogs in and next to Leroy was 4 branches of my Azalea bush, not 100% sure if he ate some of them or not but I would...
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    Leroy being a gentleman