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  • Hi Meg:
    You mentioned that you have been working with a groomer. Any products for Scarlet's curls to straighten them out? I am planning on putting her in a puppy class show in November and I would like to try something. I did blow her out the way you suggested and then kept a damp towel on her rump and the curls were better, but the minute you take the towel off...the curls pop up after a few minutes. I think I am going to need to use something to spray in...any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    I sold you out dude. Now everyone will know how much you rock, and want to be your best friend.
    Thank you so much Meg! Went to the vet this morning...I'm going to post a thread with an update! ;-) Thanks for thinking of us!
    I'm afraid it's beyond being a hotspot. This is a serious infection. She's doing OK but I really don't know anything more. It still looks very raw and frankly, bad. We go back to the vet on Saturday. I'm worried. I don't worry about much but when something goes on with my girls-I tend to freak out easily-and that's what's going on now. Thanks for asking-hope to know more on Sat.
    Yes, that is the Boj man...he is under Snozzle and Meathead and has a few more video's on there...I need to invest in a real video camera other than my laptop to get some better video's up there.
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