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  • Where are you staying? The dome sure is different from any other place ... much better location than the previous one - Saratoga City Center - that was cramped! There are going to be plenty of people around you who will be happy to help! Newfie people are the bestest people!
    Sunny, a little breezy and chilly. Here's the link for our local rag of a newspaper's weather page. http://www.poststar.com/app/weather/
    The roads around here are good, actually white in some places from the extreme cold and the occasional patch of ice, but that's all in my immediate area.
    Are you showing or spectating? Have you been to the dome before? I'll be there both Sat and Sun.

    Drrr.. silly question Sorry, been a long morning already. Are you guys coming over tonight or in the morning? Where will you be staying? I've got to go back to the SPCA later this afternoon, but will be home by 9pm. Here's my cell number, text me when you get over this way. 518-538-8547 If you don't have a lot of prep to do, the coffee's on at my place - only 2 miles from the dome....
    Mary, I will ask around and see if I can get any good suggestions for you!
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