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Here is your secret santa! Merry Christmas!

Dog’s name: Laughlin (newf, 10 years old)
Preference: toys not treats (no rawhide, pigs ears, etc)

Me: Eleanor Rogers
Address: 4726 Cedarglen Place
Burnaby BC
V5G 4B7
Hi Victoria Holt
10 wharf green ,kings heath ,

Raven,Bodie and Luna like anything
I am first there me owner of a Newfoundland puppy....well, he just turned one around year so I guess you can call him a "toddler" :) I am Looking for advice or quality products to use when bathing my Newfie, Yeti. He seems to stink more often than not and I do bathe him regularly. Thank you for any help on this!!
Male rescue Newf pups

I lost my dear little girl this week. After having Newfs for 30+ years I miss her greatly. Does anyone know of any male rescue pups available in CO/nearby states?

Many thanks
Thanks, Victoria. Spent birthday in cardia unit and now have a pacemaker. Apparently have had a heart attack. Hoping July 4 will be indedpendance day and I can go home to me pups! LOL