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  • Sent you a PM about where I got the health clearances done. We do more than the NCA requires. We always do heart, eyes, patellas, thyroid, hips, elbows and cystinuria. Sent you the info on all. :)

    Thank you for the message. I also would love to meet you....I won't know if I am going to the banquet yet...I may have a litter due the same weekend. I'll know more after her ultrasound in 2 weeks.

    Lou Ann
    If you don't already, get a photobucket's free.
    Upload the pictures you want to share. Then send me your email address and we'll go from there. I'll be home from work at 5:30. (Mountain time)
    Hey Lisa, If you want to know how to post an avatar photo..........PM me and I'll walk you through it!
    Hey, which picture are you referring to? If you mean the album on your profile on the righthand side there is a box for albums & you just click "add album" and can upload them there. If you mean the picture right in the profile you go up to the blue strip at the top of the screen and click "User CP" and on the lefthand side there is a link for "Profile Picture." Haha there's a good chance you didn't mean either of these so just let me know & I'll do whatever I can to help! :)
    Ok I will for sure... that sounds great. Thank you SO much again & I'd love to keep in touch until then & just talk about the newfies we already have :)
    Sorry I don't have a site.I help the Colonial Newf Club with their rescues, but I hear of more from breeders and people who know I love newfies, so please just let me know when you are ready.
    He sounds wonderful but it might be too soon to tell as I won't be able to adopt until mid-summer :( that is so sweet of you to offer though, and you will definitely be the first to know when I'm closer to the time I can make the adoption. Haha I'd love to sneak him into my house right now but I'm not quite sure how my roommates would feel about that (not to mention, it'd be very hard to sneak a newfie!) Do you have a website I can look at to keep updated on available dogs? I'd hate to keep bugging you!
    I do know of a brown male, 5 years old who is from the Casa Loma newf line. He is not neutered and an alpha, but he is supposed to be very nice with people and female dogs. any interest? He is in Alabama right now, I think. I can get more info if you are interested.
    It really is! I've learned so much since I joined only a week ago... now I'm addicted. I might take you up on that, I'm thinking about going to law school in Boston (BU) so an east coast rescue sounds like a great idea :)
    Thank you as always. I'm sorry I missed the draft test, but I'm sure I'll feel like I was there when I see your pictures.

    You didn't miss too much at the meeting. Just the installation of new officers and a presentation about rescue. However, the draft test on Sunday WAS fun. :( I took about 2 rolls of film to be posted in "BearFare."
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