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Jeanie, need to know about the oxygen tent you made, think we might be dealing with AP today, vet will be here tomorrow am. Terrible after such good results with meds :(
I took a sheet and draped it like a tent over Adam. Then I put a vaporizer in it so he could breathe the oils to help him breathe easier. I did leave an opening to let in some air. I didn't want him to get too hot with the steam. I mostly made sure his head was inside not his whole body.
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We think we are dealing with aspiration pneumonia
That is what Adam had that went septic. My vet only gave him a 30% chance of pulling through. I did everything I could think of. The tent/vaporizer helped a lot. I added breathing essential oils and vicks.


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We are decimated and I don't think I can post him to Rainbow bridge, but thank you guys for everything. He was our first, our last and our everything. Loved to & beyond Infinity. I'm happy the doxepin gave him the quality of life for the time it did.