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  • Hi Hether,
    I'm finally on here. Thinking about Jager today. Please give Bear a hug for me, and Jake and Michael, too. I want to learn how to do a photo/music tribute to SeBastian. Talk soon.
    Hi Hether-
    Love it. Noel looks like we may have over heated her but she had a blast. Thanks for info on Heather- I'll send her a FB request. Gad still hasn't changed my username so I haven't been posting but I'll send him another request. So glad to meet you guys and Bear is gorgeous. Hope to see you all around.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to write yesterday, especially considering how hard today is going to be for you. Your philosophy is perfect, and I agree. I've always felt it's the greatest gift we can give them, but it's always tough. Sending you giant (((HUGS))) and tons of love today. Please kiss the little one on the snoot for me. -Michelle
    Sounds good! Hopefully you will be off!

    I tried to accept your friend request...not sure if it's working.
    Hi Jagars Mom-
    We might be there. I actually work at MVS. I think I have that day off so we maybe able to participate. We'll look for you. Tiffanie
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