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  • Lynn, just had to tell you that Chumley walked up to the k-9 III blower this am and pawed it...then looked at me...then pawed it...then looked at me. I just had to laugh, then turned it on and gave him a good dry blow. There was gobs of dander. He must have known!!!! Stacy
    Hi, Roo needs to be groomed and was wondering if you are available? thanks! I was thinking thurs or Friday of this week if possible. Sorry for short notice.
    Let me see if I can find the email. I sent it via email to the NCA, well...had to have been at least two years or more ago. I know that I sent it not too terribly long after bringing home Mila; like within a few months or so. As long as I haven't erased the one that I sent, or the email that I received in response, I should be able to tell you something!
    Hi Lynn, I'd appreciate pricing information on the shears you recently began to sell. Kimberly Sedam @
    Still looking to get the pricing info for a 5 pound container of Inflight. I would like to place an order soon.
    Lynn, Sasha is getting spayed on Friday and it was highly recommended by a friend who has many years of experience with Newf's that we should have here stomach tacked to prevent bloating. Is this common in Newf's ? Whats your opinion on this procedure. Thanks.
    Hi Lynn
    Looking to buy a 5 pound container of Inflight. The website says to email you for the price. Thanks.
    I just wanted to let you know that Scarlet's coat is amazing...curls and all. I really do think the supplement helped to bring in the fullness and it is so shiny. Everyone comments on it. I will definitely reorder in a week or so as my supply slowly dwindles!
    I think I made my payment through paypal, however, it looks like they upgraded the site and I am not seeing it in the history. Can you please let me know if it didn't go through and I will try again. sorry...
    Thanks, Lynn, I'm going to start him on it. Congrats on the two girls! Trust they're doing well.

    With the show in my backyard, I won't be able to resist the temptation to enter! Buckley has been doing pretty well with obedience, but I'll need to get a few quick lessons in conformation handling, either from Tom Broderick or someone at the SIDTC where we take the classes.

    Maureen and I took a quick peek at an Obedience and Rally Trial this weekend on Staten Island. There was one Newf, a Landseer named Loki. While Buckley and I still have more work to do, he can pretty much do all the commands in the event we watched -- walk/heel normal, fast, slow, about turn, left, right, halt, sit. I was encouraged!

    I'm hoping to get the CGC by early summer, then start working toward the CD in the fall. This will be our first full summer with Buckley, so I'm looking forward to lots of swimming and fun on the beach with him!

    He's eight months old in this shot taken week before last ...

    Good luck with the pups!

    Hi Lynn,

    Hope all's well with you, Georgie and Sage, and that everything has gone well with the litters. You must have your hands full!

    Quick question about the In-Flight ... at eight months, is Buckley old enough to start this supplement? We've been giving safflower oil for about a month, but I'd imagine the In-Flight is more complete?

    His adult coat is coming in pretty well, but he's still got quite a bit of "rusty" puppy floof here and there on his lower torso and pants.

    I'm still up in the air about whether or not to do conformation, but leaning more toward not pursuing it. Buckley remains unaltered, however, so I might try the spring show on Staten Island just for the fun of it.


    I just wanted to send you a BIG thank you for the link you attached
    It was/is great and a fabulous learning tool. There is always something more to see and learn on NN. And it is just one of the many reasons I am here, Thank you from Ronnie Taft
    I do ship dryers to the UK but the shipping is not cheap. To ship a K-9 II is $275 and the K-9 III is $304. Then there is the VAT, so you have to price them out and see if it would be worth it. Let me know if you have other questions.
    I was going to ask the same - do you ship to UK? We need a few new blasters,its time for an upgrade!
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