My Sweet Addy...


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So sorry that things went so wrong. Glad to see that Addy is doing better. Another reason that I couldn't do the breeding thing. Don't think I could handle it.


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What an ordeal! So happy to read that Addy is doing better. I am sorry about the loss of the pups. How wonderful of Gretta to step right up and help. I hope all continue to thrive.


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Hmm. I thought I posted yesterday to you but it didn't go through - I, too, am so sorry you experienced such a traumatic event! So glad Addy made it through and that the pups you have are being well taken care of - very heartwarming tale there!


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What an experience, UGH but I was really happy to see you smiling in picture #2! Give them all a kiss from me! So sorry for the loss of some of the little ones.


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We just returned from the vet for a blood check and drain removal. All went well and Addy is thankful I didn't leave her there!

The pups are thriving under Gretta's mothering - gaining weight at a rapid pace. They're quite a feisty bunch. :heart:

Yes, it was a truly awful, heart wrenching ordeal, but it could have turned out far worse. We are so very thankful to have Addy and the pups are already bringing much joy (exhaustion too!!!)


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Great to see Addy on the mend and her beautiful babies thriving. Now you rest, so you can enjoy them once they are moving around and needing you. Love to you all!!!


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I just saw this after seeing your week old pup pics. I'm soooo sorry you went through this, but soooo relieved all is getting better! Go Addy and Go Greta!!!!


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I saw your puppy pics before I read this. So sorry you had to go through this and for the loss of the pups. I'm happy Addy is doing better and great job Gretta for stepping in. Hugs for Addy, her pups, and Gretta. :bear: