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  • Hi, Patti, I was so worried when I saw your post on FB about Ozzy's eye and then I couldn't get back to the link. (I have dial up and it is SLOoooooWWW. Just wanted to say I'm hoping for the best for him. I've never heard of that, but when you mentioned the pressure in his eye I wondered about glaucoma...do dogs get that too? Anyhow, hang tight and wait to see what the eye specialist says. Hugs to the big Oz from me and Gracie...Anne
    Hi again, Patti,
    Yes, we stopped by Friday afternoon in a deluge! Saw Sandra and Marlis and Judy Ferguson and Tina Barton. We were on our way to Nina Cote's for the weekend. The grounds were saturated and they closed up the booth because everyone had taken shelter. Still good to see a few of the Pack! Hope we'll catch you guys next year. Say hi to Glenn from Dave, who's sporting a new NL hat. ;0) Hugs to Ozzy too and his partner in crime!
    Hi, Patty,

    Are you guys going to be at the Specialty? We're passing through on the way to Brighton and thought we'd stop and at least say hi!
    anne and dave and her highness, Gracie
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