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Great pics...One happy pup in the "rain" and the patented "I don't know what you're speaking of " look. One busy and adorable little fluff ball.


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He's definitely not Mr. Innocent... He's already a champion counter surfer, loves a good game of keep away and has chewed everything he can get his mouth around;) He loves a good romp through the kiddie pool and then run in the house and launch himself onto the couch. Good thing my furniture is old :) Definitely keeping me on my toes! I wouldn't have it any other way :)


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I must say....I am really enjoying your puppy pictures and the puppy antics, just knowing the smile Asher brings to your heart, brings one to mine


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Hmmmmmmmmmmm seem to remember that same photo, different pupper......must be a Newf Pupper thing. He's sure a cutie! I can look forward to many (**^%$$##&__$$#@ Stories in the near future!