all sitting pretty

Bob M

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That's a gorgeous shot, Rhonda!

By the way, Sawyer's brown brother Kona will be coming to visit next week, and last week, I bumped into her sister Ellie, who gave me a thorough tongue bath. I got right down on the sidewalk and rolled around with her- passers-by looked at me funny, but who cares?

luvxl k 9

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Oh Oh Triton and General said it is alright to say that Sawyer is sitting pretty, but hey come on Mom we are men! Very HANDSOME men in my book though! Definately should be framed! :D


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That's a calender quality picture, showing what Newfs are like, as they describe them on the Crufts' website... Noble, majestic and powerful.


They look like they were MEANT to be together! Beautiful pic!