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  • Thank you for the birthday wishes! Hope you enjoyed your special day, yesterday. I love that profile picture of you and the pups. You have wild curls, like me, must be a scorpio
    Thank you for the Birthday wish, :lol: We were hay carting till midnight, very romantic and glamorous. But it is done, till the next lot is baled :)......Ronnie
    glad the starbucks trip works for her, is she a latte or skinny coffee girl or everything full fat. I think thats what they refer to half the coffees as . Hope you all had a great new year and at least you now know you have a corvette girl.
    Happy New Year!!
    Just thought I'd let you know that now Palin sits at the door waiting till her collar and lead are on then looks at me as if to say "Starbucks or a walk?" when I say "coffee" she turns to the left and head for the car. She has decided the car is better than the truck right now because she can literally step up into the seat. We get there, she has her frothed milk and pets and hugs from everyone and then she loads up again for the ride home.
    She has become such a car baby now! I ma so glad.
    Thank you sooo much for our Santa gifts , Minnie takes her Teddy EVERYWHERE! I will posy some pics shortly
    glad she is getting there , it just takes time , even now after 7 months Beau still tolerates the car only (nice big volvo estate ). It sounds stupid but i actually cleaned up different parts of the car ans smeared peanut butter and honey on it so that food conscious as he is he had to come up to the car for the treats, messy but helped.
    I was wondering whether it might be the sound of the corvette engine Miss Pailin doesn't like as it probably sounds different to them.I'm glad she likes her Starbucks and that is helping though.
    If you think she's big now I suggest drawing pencil lines up the wall every month as boy there will be a lot of growth spurts now and you should see her see-sawing as the front end grows then the back. Quite funny at times as they do look a little strange until they catch up overall. Anyway have fun, vicki
    A little better. I'm inching my way through it. We actually got her in the car and to class last Sunday with no problem. she hesitated a little bit coming out and getting ready to go home but with a little coaxing and a lot of "good girl's" she was able to muster the hutzpah to make the ride home. We've had her up to Starbucks a couple of times too and she knows she gets a special treat there so she's ok with it.
    The hardest part was getting her used to going anywhere NEAR the car let alone getting in the darn thing. I'm afraid its ramp time and dropping the car for the extended cab on the truck! She's not fitting too well in my seat anymore. (I drive a corvette and up until now she was sitting in the front seat. Now? not so much.)

    It seemed sad that you profile said that you had not made any friends and I felt sure that could not be the case - so I thought as we both post from the UK we should be friends Crispinbear
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