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  • Hi Tom,
    Just saw this message. Sorry for the delay. Inflight would be fine with whatever you are already giving him. This is a good age to start him since he is growing out of his puppy coat.
    Here is my listing that tells you more about it-
    Let me know if you have other questions about it. Since the Staten Island Show is so local, it might be fun to give showing a try. Or you could go an observe and try it next year.
    Oh, Georgie had 2 little girls.
    nope, sorry ...

    still getting the "invalid file" error message

    maybe I'll try another upload server, although I was used to Photobucket ...

    Thanks a bunch for giving it a shot!
    Just stopped by to see if you had any albums up...i still haven't mastered that yet...love the beach photo...Allise
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