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  • Cissy, another person has offered to cover all vet expenses, for her dog with the tumor, including follow up. Wow. People can be wonderful! I can get the vet info, though, because she may need a visit for her other dog at some point.
    Laurel I will send you a pic.of the rendering on FB. Check your mailbox there. I do have you listed for 2 right now, If you wish to have more than that I would put your name on the wait list. If you only wish to have one, that is fine also. Just did not wish to open up the numbers without asking first. THANK YOU Cissy
    Sue do you want the print version for note cards or the photo version?
    That will determine how to proceed. Once I know I can shoot you a price and info how to order. Cissy
    Have a wonderful birthday now..and..'bring a bit'..of the some acceptable share with students..Tomorrow'! Let them know..birthdays gold. :) ina
    Wishing you the happiest of days! Enjoy some time for you and the things you love best today!! You are the best!!!
    Hi Cissy,

    Maybe I have missed something, but I don't have the email you were going to send me. Unless, there is a different email or whatever. I do get a lot of emails only because I am on sooooo many forums and perhaps I missed it. Just to let you know.

    Cissy, is it time to think about pewter x-mas ornaments? Or am I jumping the gun? Allise
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