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  • hey...thanks for the weather info and the coffee offer. Didn't get to check the mail until now. We are staying overnight and returning home after the show. Went to the dome to put our table there. It is different than any place I have ever been. We are set up in the Newfie section...We are close to the wall at the end by the rings. My name is Mary and my partner is Sylvia. We should be easy to spot...we don't know what we are doing! :) Good thing we have some friends who do. Hope to see you.
    Any possibility you could give me a local weather update? We got socked in with some ice last night. I am in rural southeastern CT. My partner actually got stuck at the hospital where she works because the roads were so bad. We are hearing that the temps are so low that many roads are in bad shape. We are concerned about driving there. Any thoughts?
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