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    Anybody try this product?
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    Photo Challenge 287 - As far as the eye can see.

    This challenge is about landscapes that are "as far as the eye can see". My examples are set in the countryside and the Adirondacks but cityscapes could also be applicable, just depends on the perspective. Good luck and have fun. Cascade Mountain - ADK, USA Tuscany in Winter
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    Photo Challenge 284 - Candids

    Since my baby boy is graduating from high school I've been looking at old photos and just love the unstaged unplanned candids photos the best. So this challenge is about letting personality shine through. Have fun! Examples: "Packing the car." "Nature Boy" "What are you looking at?"
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    Happy, happy, happy.

    Monty coming in from swimming and wading once he realized I had cheese treats in my hand. We call these HVTs (high value treats).
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    Advice needed.

    Since we got Monty last September I've tried to take things slow and not stress him out since he can be reactive. Since he dislikes being groomed and having his nails trimmed I decided it was probably safer and less traumatic to do these things incrementally at home. I thought I was making...
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    Great Quote

    Just heard this while watching a Zak George training video and thought I'd share it. "There is no path to a well trained dog that does not require a step back from time to time." Zak George So very true and important for dog lovers to accept and understand. :):yinyang::)
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    On Talking Terms with Dogs

    On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas I don't know if this book has been discussed on NN yet but I found it to be really informative and immediately identified the "signals" in my 3 dogs. It is a fairly quick and easy read. Excellent resource for any dog lover but...
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    Multiple Images

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    Winter's Not Over

    Still cold and snowy here. Monty asks, "Does this hat make my head look fluffy?"[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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    Contagious Canine Cancer?

    Interesting but scary article. Clearly the article is lacking in details but on its face value it gives me another reason to avoid dog parks...
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    Newbie Newf Lessons

    As many NN members know we adopted Monty (Muppet Dog) from Newf Friends at the end of September 2013. I come from a very dog friendly family so we pretty much knew what to expect. However... #1 Lesson - Never eat food in your car in front of your newf. It can get really messy. #2 Lesson -...
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    Cart Training - Where to start?

    I'm interested in training Monty to do some carting or pulling for recreational purposes. Where should I start? Are there any good books on the subject and resources for a harness?
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    Thinning Scissors?

    What type of thinning shears would people recommend? I was not happy with the selection at the pet store. I was thinking about going to a beauty supply store or ordering something. Also are they used just like regular scissors?