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    Millennium mini dog cart

    Has any one ever heard of or seen one of these carts? You can see them at the builder's web site Also, there is a distributer in Seattle, WA. Their web site is (look under carts). Looks like a lot of fun (a little spendy though). Jason [ 02-21-2004...
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    Attention BARF or raw feeders

    Hi everyone, I know this will probably stir up a hornet's nest because it is a subject with strong opinions, but I am looking for good resources for researching a BARF diet. I am still about two years away from getting my newf :( , but I am already looking at all of my feeding options so...
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    Questions to ask breeders

    After the hot topic of internet breeders/sellers, I thought this might be a great place to educate some of our members (like myself)that are not yet owned by a Newf. I have made contact with a breeder via e-mail last week and on Wednesday I will be making my first phone contact (I'm so excited)...
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    In the Compony of Newfies

    I bought this for my wife for Valentine's Day (I think it scored me a point or two). All you Newfie guys out there, put this on the gift list for your special girl. My wife finished it in two days. Now I have started reading it, what a great book. Jason
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    Pet store newf update!!!

    The NEWF is going to a new home!!! I went to the mall to check on the little guy and was lucky enough to briefly meet his new family. He is going to a home that already has 2 boxers. I was only able to talk to his daddy (I'm sorry, I forgot his name) for a minute, but did give him the forums'...
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    Another Pet Store Newf

    As my wife, children and I were walked by the pet store in the Galleria Mall in Taunton, MA on Saturday, my son walked inside and saw a Newf puppy. He was so big to be in such a small cage, and he looked so sad. When I asked one of the employee's, she said there was a deposit on the puppy so I...
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    Sarnewfie: Glu/chondroitin?

    I know you've posted before that you give both supplements to your dogs. We just got a Golden Retriever rescue who is 8 and a little slow in the rear. We'd like to make him as comfy/healthy as possible. He's currently 80lbs and could stand to lose about 10 more. How much would you suggest...
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    Feeding baby

    OK, after what happened this past Wednesday my family and I are even more convinced we need our Newf, yesterday! We visited a breeder who had four week old pups. At one point during the visit the puppies mom was feeding them, and our 4mo. old decided he was hungry too. My wife sat down on the...
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    I need a newf resource book

    Less than three weeks ago my wife met me at the door to tell me she found a dog. Not a specific dog, but a breed of dog she felt best fit our lifestyle. As you have guessed, it was a Newf Not knowing much about the breed, and having never seen one in person, we hit the Internet hard (even...