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You know, about all I can do is shake my head sadly. This reminds me of that awful muzzle for Newfs to prevent drool. It obviously shows how ignorant people can be and how little they know about individual breeds.

I deeply pity the dog whose owner buys either of those.


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OK weird and wonderful but harness might be good just as a harness but who wants to do agitation/attack work unless you are security dog training?


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All I wanted was a harness with a handle between the shoulder blades and they had to put it that way? I get it that they're just plugging in the breed, but they must know how silly it sounds. Good for a laugh anyhow. Ronnie, what the flip is a pig harness? Please answer as I'm dying to know...or maybe I don't want to know? What do you think of this harness Ronnie? I saw a woman use a similar handled harness when her young Newf got too exhuberant with the other Newfs at the OC get together.
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"Leather Dog Harness for Newfoundland Attack/Agitation Training " but aren't newfs known as 'Gentle Giants'. Seems a bit of an oxy-moron description.. maybe with the emphasis on 'moron'...