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  • Hannah, I thought I sent you a message, but now I can't find it. Sandra says you're coming for a visit. A few days first in Quebec and then on up to Bancroft. We are at the southeastern most part of Ontario, right on the Quebec border. I was hoping that if you were passing by this way that we could get together for a visit. Bill and Ingrid are only about 5 minutes from me so maybe we could all visit. My two girls are half sisters to Mudji (Rimshot) and Mr. Murphy is our rescue. Bill currently has 4 of Nina's dogs - Rowdy, Seven, Annie and Molly. Annie and Dave just might be up this way around the same time, hopefully to choose a pup and then later to pick him/her up. Hope you can make it here, but if not, I just might make the trek up to Bancroft. Hope to get to meet you.
    Hi Hannah!! I would love to come see you and your newfs sometime!!

    I am a bit north of Berlin...and find myself in Conway every so must be near Freyburg or Brownfield?...
    I was in BC visiting and just got the news from Bill that Rimshot has left us. Bill posted on Rainbow bridge link, but he sent me a message at the office too. It's the end of an era. I'm so very sad. Anne
    We are on the Maine New Hampshire border just the other side of North Conway. Actually about 1 - 1.5 from Freeport. Last weekend we actually had 3 newf owners in the bakery at one time..that represented 6 newfs, all black!
    Hi Hannah!
    I was in Maine today at the LL BEAN outlet in Freeport and thought of you. How far from there are you?

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