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Bodie is going tomorrow for his TPLO. I am nervous, but I always get nervous about this kind of situation.

I just hope I have done the appropriate measures for him, rehab, etc.

Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well!

R Taft

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Katy had her TPLO five years ago, it even survived when she became completely paralysed in her rear end and wobbled a lot when she was getting over that... It was the best thing we ever did for her.....Good luck and well wishes.

Newfs Forever

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Thanks for the well wishes and good thoughts!

Actually he is doing pretty well, doesn't have a lot of weight on that leg, but is using it as a balance tool. So there has been no hiking of the leg.

Now if we could just get rid of the ice from the ice storm yesterday, I would be happy.
Previously, I was using the paw safe stuff. No more, when I used it earlier this year, and after I applied it, he went out and ate it, and promptly threw up.
Spring time is going to look like sand dunes!


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I have never seen one of those before. I think probably you should ask the surgeon what he thinks. My only experience with TPLO was on a 10 year old Newf in 1999 and she wore a cast for a couple of weeks. These days I see photos of post op Newfs with no dressing on the wound so don’t know if this is the norm.if so, maybe there is a reason for no dressing.