Say Hello to "Alf"


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This is "Alf" my Christmas present. He is 3 mos. He was a surprise.

He's not a newfy...but I think Jordan would be happy.

My husband found him on craigslist. He was purchased at a pet store by a family. The mommy discovered she was just overwhelmed by her already responsibilities of two active boys, homeschooling and two other dogs.

"Alf" is a real sweetheart. Although I had forgotten about the puppy crazies. I don't remember Jordan being as rambunctious.

If anyone can recommend a premium dry food for a Saint, I would appreciate the suggestions. So many brands. His owner was feeding him the private label Costco Kirkland chicken and rice large breed puppy. But I do not have a Costco membership.

His appetite is very good. He gets plenty of exercise and socializes well with people and dogs.


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AWWWW. Nothing like a puppy to shake things up.

I think any premium food would be fine. Try to find one with a variety of proteins and rotate them.