New Can and Am CH


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As of today, Hazel, The Hellraiser is now Can/Am CH TurfTide's Breaking Through The Morning Haze. She was handled by my dear friend and
absolutely fabulous handler, Pauline Baldwin. I know mama Jilly was smiling from above.

Pre-show chillin. Thanks, Meg (Bogie's mom) for the photo.

Yup, Bill Shelton, the same, very thorough judge who judged Breed at the National. Hazel took WB and BOW for the major.

Today's judge, Clay Cody. Hazel took WB and BOS for the major!


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Congratulations, she looks fabulous and Pauline always does such a great job. Where were they?


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Hazel is beautiful. She looks well behaved in these pictures. Is she still busy Raising Hell? ;) Congrats!
The Hellraiser has been with Pauline in Canada, who has kept her so dang busy, she's not had the energy to misbehave! It'll be interesting to see what she tries to pull, once home, since I don't have Pauline's energy level!


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Yay Hazel!!! My red girl!!! I've always known she was a champion, Ginny! Congratulations to you, Hazel and Pauline for a job well done! Now celebrate!