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After having seen Josh win the Westminster, no newf has won or even gotten close to the final round since. What is up with that? Why does the Portuguese Water Dog seem to always take the top spot? Do judges not really care for giant breed dogs?


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Well the landseer,(Threeponds Lancelot) Lance, won the Working Group a few years ago and did Newfs proud. Why he did not win it all...I have no idea.

Sound Bay Newfs

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There have been some beautiful newfs shown at Westminster. You may be referring to Matisse (Portuguese Water Dog) who has won over 100 Best in Shows! He is an outstanding dog! It is sometimes hard to know exactly what the judge is looking for and why they make the choices they do. They have their preferences but it does not mean the other entries are not worthy too. That is why there are different judges at the shows.