CBD Oil or Treatibles


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Has anyone heard about or done any research on CBD oil or "Treatibles" CBD treats? CBD is cannabidiol non psychoactive concentrated extract from Hemp or cannabis. Our raw COOP has offered the treats and now the oil. I have read that dogs can be poisoned eating the THC part of cannabis that people use to get high, but can they benefit from CBD? The only site I could find that wasn't a CBD/Hemp or marijuana site was a Kerry Blue Terrier site. It claimed that CBD could help with allergies, anxiety, appetite, arthritis, cancer, fatty tumors, ibd, seizures....on and on. I am skeptical so I just wondered if anyone had heard anything.


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Sorry can't help but my mum's dog has hemp capsules and it seems to help her in her old age.

No idea on the cannabis side.

R Taft

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I would go on the holistic Newfoundland Page on FB, ask to join and ask there... Some great info on that page, I love it