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  • I think you should do a kids book with the series of Tsunami pics............I love them and would love a book like that for my little Grand nephews, too cute.........Maybe an e-book :). Just think the series of pics have been too enjoyable not to share with more people.
    Thank you for posting them....Ronnie
    I take melatonin every night, so yes, I have some. I'll try it Monday morning. My husband is going to take both dogs for a walk before we leave as well, to see if it will help. We are headed up to the mountains Sunday morning for a hike. Got to keep my two knuckleheads happy......they love the snow, and it's starting to melt away. Have a great Sunday! ( it's still late Saturday night here )
    When I first started playing around on the computer, about 14 years ago or so, my husband told me not to write with all of the letters capitalized, It was the same as yelling at some one. IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU POSTED PICTURES!!!!!!!:D :D :D
    Isn't it about time for a few Tsunami pictures??? He's growing up soooo fast. And of course you KNOW I love those Irish Spotted ones!!!!
    Truly Eric. It is a small world. I was tickled to death to see the pictures. Of course, I have seen other pictures that we have received but knowing the NN connection made these special.
    Thanks for the friends request!!!!how cool.Welcome to our circle of
    No not at all, nothing you don't already know [IMG]
    But I think they tend to become a little larger then your run of the mill Newf, if there is such a thing. :)
    I wouldn't change a thing.
    Hi Michelle! Thanks for the friend request, yours is the first one I ever got. Thank you. Tsunami sure is a great looking pup. There is somthing familar about him but I can't put my finger on it. :lol: Wait till he grows up!
    Congratulation on the other new edition to the family, lots of fun!
    All the best.
    Thanks for the friend request :) Tsunami is a beautiful boy and so lucky to be part of such a big, loving family.
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