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  • He's the cutest little fluff ball. Tsunami is pestering him to no end though. Hopefully the newness will wear off in a few days. Not sure if you looked, but I posted 2 sets of pictures on that thread. You've got to see Ty's bunny ears.
    Congratulations guys!!! Enjoy every moment of Ty's puppyhood. Hugs all around!!
    Oh Tsunami would love it! He absolutely adores other dogs, rabbits, and furry friends. His favorite at puppy class is a beagle...Agggh that breed is too smart for their own good. The beagle dominates Tsunami. It's a sight to see.
    Good to know Annabelle is still one of his girlfriends............Wouldn't it be fun if all these dogs could meet. annabelle is such a social Butterfly at training. meet and great everyone from small to large, human and dog...........Horses at home, which can be scary
    Hello! I have been lurking for awhile on NN and have been admiring your beautiful Irish spotted boy. I hope to get one sometime. Are both your dogs from Germany? We are also a military family. Never made is Germany darnit but lived in England.

    Nice to meet you
    I love your Blog and i have just posted it to my Niece for her kids, thank you so much.
    I still think the kids book is a great idea, you just have a way with words (plenty of practise on all those kids of yours :lol:) Thank you Ronnie
    The pilots don't know that...sush! And there is nothing crazy about having 2 BIG, HAIRY, DROOLY DOG'S, 7 KIDS, 2 BUNNIES, AND 2 HUGE VEHICLES...we like everything BIG in our house!
    Eric, You have a BIG, HAIRY, DROOLY DOG, and you are getting yet another one. They already KNOW you're crazy!!!!
    Hey Eric,

    Not difficult at all! There IS no site maintenance, the only time I spend there is the time I am writing each post - Blogger does the rest. I highly recommend it. And it's free!
    The stories you post on NN can be copied then pasted on his blog. So you'll only have to write them once. Notice I said HERE first. Also, there are a ton of people on here that have blogs for their dogs. Read them when you have the time to get ideas. Now check out the short video I posted on your last thread: Advise, tips, tricks etc.......
    All I can think of is use your BLOG, and make a seperate section entitled "The Adventures of Tsunami". Or, start Tsunami's own BLOG!
    You know...I couldn't help but think that every kid should have it's own dog......:bandit:
    O boy, now you are asking a question of the non computer wise person, :lol:.........I received some e-books made on PDF , on dog training. Now Teri seems a lot more computer savvy.
    Countdown on Ty's arrival from Bootcamp
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