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  • who are you using for the litter. Am I correct that Ton ka is /was the uncle of the "devil spawn" litter? How are they all doing...it's hard for me to believe they will be 8 this winter!
    Thank you for the message Martha. I know you all care. I am hoping to have a litter this fall with help from Tina i can do it and work. I hope it is succesful as i am doing the litter mainly for berto, then tina, and myself and possibly Tom with Rosie.
    Berto said about 2 years ago he had bloated and twisted. The twist had caused the spleen to fold in half. Berto did not know that until he took him in a while after the surgery with a high fever and throwing up. The ER Xray showed the spleen folded in half and the said that was the cause of him getting sick. Berto told them at his age and i agree, that the surgery would have been to much for him. A while passed by and he had another episode, they treated it with antibiotics and he was fine. Tonka looked old to me when Berto visited a few months ago, i knew it would not be long and Tonka would say goodbye to his wonderful devoted master. Another episode with the high fever and throwing up and Berto said Tonka just looked to tired. So it was time to say goodbye to a wonderful noble companion.
    :) Thank you for your message. I have a hard time biting my tongue sometimes. Gotta work on that!
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