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  • I'm realy sorry, I never answered you!! It wasn't intentional. I live N of Stouffville, and E of Newmarket. You?
    I was just wondering how you were doing with the sad loss of Brandy.........It has been a few weeks now and I found myself thinking of how hard it is when you still feel the loss so heavily, but everything seems back to normal. I just want you to know that some of us still think of you during this empty time...........Take care....... :hugs: Ronnie
    this is Chelsea's mom and I got word by Ginny today about the flowers and I went and picked it up. It is a beautiful Peace Lilly. Thank you so much. How incredicably thoughtful. We are coping with the loss of Chelsea but I still cry from time to time missing her so much. THe support from eveyone on here is remarkable and a blessing. THank you again so much and I am sorry that the plant got delayed. THey didnt even try to deliver them - they had the wrong phone number. I told them then they should just driven to the house the address was correct. they said that they were sorry. Thank you again. Pennie and Jerry
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