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  • From our home to yours, A Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
    Teri, Eric, Abbey and Zeke
    I'm new to NN myself, a former Newf owner. I went through a divorce in 2005 and had to give up Cookie, my Newfie, for adoption. So I just come on NN to see the beautiful babies.
    I started to read about Chelsea and saw the horrible pictures. God used those men to get her home to you, and I am so glad she could be home with you in her last days.
    God Bless you for caring for her and for your tireless efforts to help her heal. I prayed my Cookie would never think I left her or abandoned her. But I feel the loss you feel in that such a dear friend in a Newf is no longer with you. I hope you will find peace in knowing she is no longer suffering. God Bless you and bring you grace...
    Jen in NC
    Pennie, I am so very sorry for your loss of precious Chelsea. We all were pulling so hard for her... I'm glad she was able to be with you at the end. Thank you for letting us be a part of your and Chelsea's life during this time. We are all mourning with you. Sending lots of love your way,
    Pennie, please know that we are so very sorry for the loss of your sweet Chelsea. She has touched many lives these past few days. She will live on in so many people, I promise you! Thank you God for giving us Sweet Chelsea, for however short a time. Amen
    Hi well the roller coaster hit a wall this morning and Chelsea has rejected the Rimadyl. She is vomiting and diarreha. Called the vet and gave her Prevacid and pepto. She is howling in pain. He told me to go on and give her the tramadol for pain and little bits of water at a time. We will see what the day brings. :(

    We are so glad you and Chelsea are doing better. I hope her recovery continues. Know she must recognize how much you love her and that will help. We are all praying for her. Call on us for any thing you need.
    hi pennie and chelsea.
    I am glad to hear Chelsea is feeling a little better after her ordeal and I hope you are ok from the emotional strain of it all. I am keeping myself updated from over the pond via nn and just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you.
    Hi Pennie & of course dear dear Chelsea,
    We are so glad to have you here,and SOOOO glad Chelsea is home safe and warm.She is just adorable and has not only touched many of our hearts,but made us all give our own Newf's an extra cuddle or two!
    Please bare with us,a gift is in the process ...and will be shipped asap from Blighty
    Hi Pennie and Chelsea,

    We're so happy to have you here and hear that she is making progress. My first newf's name was Chelsea too, so reading about your Chelsea brings back all kinds of memories. My second newf Chance is still here with me. He's 12 now and has hip dysplasia, arthritis and spondylosis (which is the fusing of verterbrae). We've been giving him Metacam for the pain and it works wonders. I had to take him off of it for 2 weeks for a blood test, and he got so bad he could barely get up. It seems to have the least side effects of all the NSAID's. He also gets Tramadol for pain too.

    Take care of yourself and Miss Chelsea too. Sending lots of newfy hugs and kisses,

    Lori, Chance and Sydney (and Chelsea in spirit)
    Hi Pennie,
    Glad you made it on. Tug sends healing thoughts to Chelsea, and I am trying to send oodles of strength to you ;)
    So pleased you have joined the family of GADs NN network..and are seeing various progresses..hour by hour..for dear Chelsea. Hugs to your 'full family group'. ina
    Good Morning
    Thank you all for your continuing prayers. Chelsea moaned a lot last night. I have her sitting up right now - if she hasnt laid back down by now. I get so nervous that her back end will never work again. She did drink and she ate her hotdogs laced with drugs. So here goes today hoping we get a couple of steps closer to the finish line.
    Hi Pennie. Great that you got on NN...glad to here Chelsea is, slowly, but atleast making progress! In time... ; ) Tammy
    Welcome to NN. I cannot revisit this site without becoming tearful. Thank God Chelsea was found and thank God she has you. Continuing to pray.
    Welcome to the forum, Pennie. We're all sending our collective positive thoughts to you and Chelsea and will be closely following her progress...hang in there!
    Welcome to Chelsea and Pennie. I'm new here too but it's a great group. now come out and post on the boards...
    I don't know if your vet has mentioned this, but massage is very useful in keeping the circulation going to support the remaining muscle Chelsea has. Our Maggie has severe bilateral HD, and massage is one of the tools we use to keep her going. Physical therapy is also vital. It's the muscles that hold those bad joints together, so you need to support those muscles in any possible way....and massage is so soothing for the dog, too. (Mags is usually snoring by the time I'm done).
    Hello Pennie and Welcome. :wave: I am so glad you decided to join us. After all, We all consider you and Chelsea family. I check in here several times a day just to see how our Chelsea girl is doing. Please keep giving her tons of Hugs and Kisses from us. Oh, and A great BIG hug to you too! :hugs:
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