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  • Oh Lordy Im not good with finding these messages......Merry Christmas to you and yours....have a safe and healthy New Yr..hugs from here E and gang
    trial and error......the whole key is uploading the photos, it took me 4 trys sometimes before it you know where to start??...dont feel stupid.....Im the worst at this computer
    Erika, I'm feeling very stupid now...I just can't seem to get that album put together...would you be so kind as to pm me as to how you finally accomplished your wonderful album? I'd be ever so grateful!
    Erika!! Please go & see if you can see Sue & Bu's pictures from the link that "I THINK" I've posted. Let me know! xoxo & a B-I-G Thank YOU!!
    ha ha ha just my Tea!!!!!!..hmm maybe the syrup would help.........ha ha ha ha
    Oh thank you..........some wouldnt upload,I gotta get my daughter Tara to help me trying to figure how to view everyone elses just love your avatar what precious faces
    Well I am very keenly waiting for your album, as you pics are always so good. I did an album with the help of abbey, cheers Ronnie
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