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  • Hey Wayne Im a dumb blonde when it comes to computers.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    Hi Erika
    Love the new Avatar but need to move things around so can make bigger.
    Throw a rock at me if I can help. :)
    :groovy: :music: Happy Birthday to you, Erika :music: :groovy: from your friends in Australia
    Yay!!!!!!! I have some PR experience..yippeeeeeeeeeee.:goofy:.....instead of the usual feel the love ........I can have a slogan like FEEL THE WAVE......Tsnami it!!!!lol........those pics just melt my heart!!!!So there will be Typhoon and the when does tornado come....the T weather thingy has endless but if you incorporate a Pyr:devil2: it has to be Avalanche,for many to you and yours E aka INGA

    Yahoooooo!!!! Im official now!!!!:kiss::bandit::allg069::allg069:
    Oh my I wanna Tsnami T shirt!!!!! do i join??????? You are Nuts! That is hilarious...Now you want me to make T-shirts along with kids books? I'm seriously laughing and spilling my drink right now. Tsunami officially appoints you as his Media Relations Official.
    awwww he is sooo smart!!!! and of course he has the command melt hearts down to a science
    I know.... I've actually been trying to get a "training" video done. But I found I can't do the excercises and hold the camcorder and hubby keeps getting home late. He's soooo freakin' smart (edited to read - Cooper's smart. Well - hubby's smart too, but that isn't what I was referring to!). In two weeks he's learned sit, down, stand (and "stay" in each of those positions), he almost has "rollover", and he'll do a "leave it" with a kibble on the floor. Seriously, I'm amazed.

    Pictures - I'm on it!!! :)
    lol Im trying to figure out how to use all this cool stuff...ha ha ha....snow lasted 1 day........maybe more Wed,yippeeeeeeee!!!!!
    Not a problem...just found this section of Too cool. How long did the snow last?
    From our home to yours, A Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
    Teri, Eric, Abbey and Zeke
    Erika, there is a cream you can get from the vet called TriTop that is would be helpful for Gandolph's poor hiney. It comes in a tube and a little dab will do, him. When I had my hysterectomy Suki had to be kenneled a few days. She picked up some funk there and poo'd till her bottom looks like it was going to bleed.
    The cream started getting it healed up in a couple of days.
    It could indeed be the giardia again. In some cases, it can be very tenacious. Hugs to Gandy and the rest of the crew, and your family....Hope you can have a reasonably happy holiday...So sorry your furkids are ailing.
    Ok if I dont answer anyone on these messages........I always forget about it.....hmmmmmmmm E needs egg nog .......lolHapy holidays and happy birthday to those I missed.............Yikes ...E suffering from Sometimers disease
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