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    Has anyone seen this.

    Lorain County Dog Kennel KENNEL: 36 AVAILABLE: 6.21.13 LISTED BREED: NEWFOUNDLAND SEX: MALE I'm sorry I can't post the pic (it's on FB). They are in Ohio. This poor boy looks very old and doesn't deserve to die in a pound. I'm am trying to reach this pound but they don't open until 10.
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    Suggestions please

    I recently sold my house and moved into an apartment. I took it because it's on the second floor and we wouldn't have to use the elevator. My Newfs won't fit in this elevator. I have been watching Bria like a hawk. Bria turned 10 on Mar.28. She has gone from almost no walks a day to 4...
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    Hey it's been a very long time

    Hi gang, I know I haven't been on here in ages and a lot has been happening in my life but that's for another time. I've come to the experts to hear if others have experienced this. My Bria and Sherman are constantly suffering from ear infections and usually only the left ear, go figure. So...
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    Holistically treating hypothyroidism

    Hey all, It's been a long time and I've missed you guys. I hope some will remember me so that I get some responses. I was sick for a very long time but I'm back and better than before. My question; has anyone or is anyone treating their dog holistically for hypothyroidism? I'm asking...
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    NN really need your prayers for Squeek

    My cat Squeek went missing Monday evening. She always hangs out in my yard and I don't know how I missed her being out with us except that possibly she followed the Newfs out at night and because she's a Tortie she blends in with the leaves and mulch and I didn't see her. Of all my cats this...
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    Non-Newf - my worse nightmere

    Why is it that things go from bad to worse? Aside from the fact that last week I had to yet again buy a new car (some may remember my doing this last April). Last Sunday I scooped up 2 kittens from a property a few houses down from me. They were living in deplorable conditions and since...
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    Has anyone's dog ever had a stye in their eye? I just noticed the past few days that my Bria has a stye on her top lid. From what I've read and from talking to other people, styes are from bacteria and usually go away on their own. I was wondering if she should be on tetracyclin eye cream...
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    Asking the experts here

    I finally had the shed in the back of my yard dismantled and would so love to put a pool of some kind back there. I'm not talking in ground. My yard is not very wide but is very long. Anybody have any suggestions as to what I could put? Obviously a pool that doesn't have a ladder to get...
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    Need Help!

    Have we any Vancouver members out there that can help me. This is what my niece just sent me and she wants this puppy. I e-mailed her not to touch this puppy or any other puppies that are coming from Taiwan. I asked her why she thought these people...
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    Have I completely lost touch with the world?

    I was at my Lawyers today and he just had to show me the pics of his friend's new puppy. It's a Newf/Golden. I said how the heck did that happen and he said it's the new mix and very popular. Granted he lives outside of the city and maybe things are a little different there but do we actually...
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    Poo eating

    I'm not sure if this goes here but I have something interesting to report. My Sherman has been eating poo since just after he was neutered (at a year old). He would eat only his and Bria's but not my Chihauhua's. I don't know why. Well recently Bria was very sick from possibly eating...
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    Another reason I don't let my dogs off leash

    This was sent to me by e-mail from a fellow dog walker. This is another reason why I won't let my dogs off leash in these public places. There is a very problem between pet owners and non pet owners. By the way Cedarvale (the one mentioned here) is a few blocks away from me and they have...
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    What would you have done if you were me

    I'm dying of curiosity to know what the members here would have done in my shoes. This morning I was walking 3 small bording dogs (2 Bichons and a Coton). Halfway up my street a guy from across the street comes out with a dog that he boards for friends' of his. We start walking together but...
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    Greatest Find Ever

    I was actually at a dollar store when I came across this amazing thing (Ontario people I was at Dollarama). It's called a self-cleaning pet brush. I thought what the heck I like to try new things so I bought one. Of course I couldn't wait to try it out and as soon as I got home I started...
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    Incontinence questions again

    A number of you responded to my concerns about Bria (about 2 months ago) and her licking her vulva. The vet was treating her for hotspots and I knew this couldn't be right. Thanks to the wonderful responses I received I was able to go to my vet and tell her I need Stilbersterol. She doesn't...