NN really need your prayers for Squeek


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My cat Squeek went missing Monday evening. She always hangs out in my yard and I don't know how I missed her being out with us except that possibly she followed the Newfs out at night and because she's a Tortie she blends in with the leaves and mulch and I didn't see her.

Of all my cats this one is the least likely to survive outside. She is 11 1/2 years old, blind in one eye (from birth), has no teeth and no front claws. She has never left my yard and I can't even imagine how she could have gotten out. My fences are too high for her to jump. The people in my neighbourhood throw rocks at cats and on my street was where the kid walking to school found a plastic bag filled with kittens about 1 1/2 years ago.

I am beside myself. I have never lost an animal and my Squeek is my favourite of all my cats. She is so sweet and gentle and I fear the worse. I have neither eaten nor slept in the last 36 hours and this morning I was out walking the streets at 1:00am, 3:00am and 6:00am trying to find her.

I am putting up signs tonight with my sister offering a reward for her safe return. There are at least 6 outdoor cats that eat on my front porch daily and this morning I saw two huge raccoons. I am hoping Squeek is hiding and just afraid to come home especially with the torrential rain and wind we had last night. My worse fear is her not coming back and never knowing what happened to her. This will destroy me.

So please help send positive vibes our way for her safe return. I can't help but feel that she thinks I abondoned her and she is hiding somewhere scared, cold and hungry.

Thanks guys,



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Oh, Susan, I will definitely send all the good vibes I can for dear Squeek's homecoming.

Our house cats are strictly house cats and one slipped out on us about 2.5 yrs ago. We haven't seen him since. He had the biggest personality and I miss him so much. I understand your fear and worry. (((hugs)))


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Will certainly say a prayer for little Squeak to stay safe. Years ago one of my cats slipped out and was gone for five days. I came home from work one night and she was sitting on the steps waiting for me to let her in like nothing happened.
Here's wishing that you will have the same experience.


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Homeward bound thoughts for Squeek. I have a small persian that is not the sharpest cat around. Ten years ago that little stinker slipped out when the weather was 0 and below at night. I went out a few times a night calling him and nothing. After 10 days of searching he came back on his own, none the worse for wear. Hope you have a similar outcome.

Sheila B.

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We once had a great little cat named Squeak (his meow was so tiny). Loved that guy. Sending all sorts of positive energy your way and hope your baby returns soon.


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Good thoughts coming from here!

A few years ago one of my neighbors came to my front door with a cat, and said, "I think this is one of yours." It wasn't, and I said so. And she said, "Oh well, maybe he'll find his way home," and she left him on my front doorstep. B*&^%. I fed him on the porch, and waited to see what he did. He was still curled up on the front step in the morning. He had no idea where he was.

So I took him in, took his picture, made up posters, and hung them all over the neighborhood. Some of the posters fell down, blew away, or were taken down by other folks. I replaced them where I could. Days passed. I called the SPCA, and animal control to see if anyone had reported a lost cat - no one had. I was reluctant to turn him over to either agency.

A week after the stray showed up, a little kid called. She'd seen one of the posters and she was certain I had her "Simba." I told her that the cat I had found was in good shape, just didn't know how to get home, and I asked her to describe his collar to me. She did, accurately. So I asked her to have her mom or dad call me - that evening, the mom called. The mom and three kids came by the house to ID the cat - sure enough, he was theirs. He'd been outside during a big storm and gotten frightened and disoriented - our house was about three miles from theirs. They took him home that night.

So don't give up hope! Hang up those signs absolutely everywhere, and don't forget to call your local SPCA, cat shelters, and animal control officers. Miracles happen.

R Taft

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Would your dogs help in finding her....Do they react if you call her name. maybe put them on a long lead and call Squeek, they might head you in the right way. We have found others with the help of their housemates.
I hope you find your little treasure soon....Prayers from here, Ronnie


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Crap, this happened to two of my mom's cats. She thought for sure they were gone. They're out in the country but live off a busy highway. Both cats finally came home. A little worse for the wear, but they got home.

I hope Squeek is home soon.


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Thanks guys. Unfortunately when Squeek meows nothing comes out so if she's in distress somewhere I won't even hear her.

I hope that my story ends like those here who had/witnessed happening endings. I have filled out lost cat reports with the Humane Society and Animal Control. I am checking their websites daily. Unfortunately due to the high winds here tonight I can't hang signs. A client of mine just printed off 50 colour posters for me.

My worse fear is that someone picked her up and dumped her out of the area. I have a bad ass neighbour who would do something like that. All afternoon I had the strangest feeling that she was coming home and was close by. I hope I'm right as it is now 48 hours that she's been gone and I don't know how long she will survive out there being old and thin.

Let's keep those prayers coming. You guys rock.



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hugs and prayers and happy thoughts for your babies safe return...mine have gotten out only to come back to me while in the midst of a total break down out on my deck after hours and hours of searching.