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  • Oh my thanks you all so much! It has been a great day so far, having coffee to keep me up for a much needed comedy show later! 1957 yes a vintage year!
    Thanks Ronnie and Jacqueline:) Ronnie,. Peter got started on Newf number one. If I remember I'll grab a snapshot and send it to you tomorrow:)
    :music: Happy Birthday :music:.........!957 is a good vintage :tequila: I should know :) Ronnie
    You're welcome. I have had better results training Newfs that way as they are a bit sensitive. Most dogs that like to eat do well with this training. I even keep a clicker in my car for when they are exposed to new experiences to reinforce that they are doing a good job.
    Hi; you posted on a thread of mine about training with a clicker. I just wanted to send you a note saying 'thank you'. :) I've been reading the site you sent and I'm going out today to get one and get started. It seems like a good sound way to train; especially since I'm having problems. So thank you!!!
    I live in Riverside, just over the Danville Bridge. So about forty minutes or so away? Even after fifteen years of living here I still don't know many towns! Unless of course they have a Mall!
    Hi! We live in the same state and have the same job! Might I ask what part of PA you are in? I am close to Williamsport.
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