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    Slobber Stopper review

    Some of you may have heard of the hoopla surrounding the "Slobber Stopper" trying to be patented and sold to the public. The person who created this product has sent me protypes to try and and then to review. If interested click here...
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    If you have not tried this...

    It may be a big help to your training needs! I thought it was not going to be a hit! Now if the price would only go down!
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    Bil Jac dog food recall

    it is voluntary at this point. Lot number is included
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    do you contribute?

    Watch one of the funniest videos you will ever see in this article. The truth must hurt!
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    if interested in therapy dog work..

    If you are interested in doing therapy dog work but are not exactly sure what is involved or what to expect from different therapy dog groups my book can help with that and can be found on Kindle. You don't need to have a kindle , there are free apps for your computer that you can download or...
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    Mr. Cool Newf travel mug and there is tee shirt with this logo also Lots of new stuff in the store some Newf, some nature, some other breeds. Take a browse...
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    how salt water affects your dog

    It's beach time and many people bring their dogs to the beach with them but while many know about the heat factor they may not know about how salt water affects the dog. I am interested if anyone here knows about pools that use Ionized salt instead of chlorine. I use chlorine so I am not...
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    Neater Feeder, does it work?

    Okay it has been two weeks since I put this product to the test. Here's the thing though, I did not use it for food, I seem to go through more water and water problems with my guys. So if you have one and you like it please post under comments and if you don't like post as well. As much...
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    Newfie slobber protection mug 50 % off today only

    Don't leave the kitchen without one!
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    Dawnmerie, for your tea

    I thought of you when I made this. I also have it in a creamer and cup. Father's day is coming so I would imagine they will soon have 50% off of mugs and stuff. When that happens I'll try to remember to post for you. I The pitchers are a very nice size for coffee creamer or milk. Don't forget...
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    Diamond puppy food recall May 30 2012

    For those of you with new Newfie pups:) Just out May 30th
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    50% off today & tomorrow for Father's day

    There are plenty of Newf tees in my store and if you see them in a sweatshirt they are probably in a tee as well. it is 50 % off today 5-30 and tomorrow 5-31 on phone cases and tees. I do suspect as it gets closer there will be a mug and teapot sale as well. This is one of the newer ones...
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    not a Newf but just as good. Missing yet another

    Another heart breaker in the family. Casey was the only one with us beside Chance that had not problem loving everyone who came his way. He will be dearly missed but his diagnosis last year looked grim so I was lucky to have another year with him. RIP My Friend...
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    take it how you want because it is not official

    This came through a springer rescue site and I am just passing it along but there have always been trouble with these particular type treats. My sister in law works for delmonte so I am in touch with her waiting to see what she knows I did not get this information from the FDA in my email as I...
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    Got to have more than one...

    Or else where's the fun? New tee shirt pick your color and personalize it with a name don't pick crazy dog lady , that one's been taken! By many I'm sure!