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  • Just wanted you to know that I got a quote from the USPS when I sent out Ronnie's plaques today, to go to belgium is USD $52.55. Normally custom plaques can run 35.00 and up, but I am sure if you order many at once as Ronnie did then hubby will take off the price. Sally
    Hi Capri,

    Could you explain my pups Dna results to me please ?
    She is BbDd
    Im having a hard day ! seem to have forgot all that i learned!
    Hi bettina, we have a problem. The last few times ive done rescue handler with tane he has swam out to me til he gets within a meter then turns and heads for land. He knws he is ment 2 circle me 1st bt just wont cme near me 4 sme reason. He is doin every thng else right and has dne ths properly before i thought i mite get hm 2 come 2 me on land and lure hm around and use a verbal cue as he is doing it . Ive got jst over a week 2 get+ths+right+so+any+ideas+u+cld+offer+would+b+awesome
    Thank you very much. :) I try to update it and put a lot of new things and articles on it. It's much nicer is to be able to read a lot on new (newf) things from the same site. Thanks again for the positive feedback. :)

    I just visited your site today and thought it was wonderful, cheers Ronnie Taft
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