Turmeric Paste


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I thought some people on here used Turmeric paste and was looking for some more info on it. We would like to put Malka on it to hopefully help with some of the stiffness she is experiencing since she tore her CCL last February. She's recovered very well from her injury, but I've been mildly concerned about the level of stiffness she seems to have when getting up and down. She's already on Dasaquin, but I've heard some great things about Turmeric paste. Does anyone have a recipe for it? How much do you give your dogs and did you notice a difference? Are there any side-effects? Thanks!


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We tried it as well with no results. What seems to work for our Lab who had both CCL surgeries is a product from Springtime Natural Supplements Inc. It's called Joint Health Formula and we buy it from the Horse section but they cross reference dosages for dogs. It has Boswellia Serrata extract, MSM, Carrot Powder, Glucosamine HCL, Chrondrotin Sulfate. www.springtimeinc.com

Products sold for horses that are also good for dogs can be much more affordable for big dogs!


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Use the micromachines with men and hyraulonic in it as it works really well.my mum's 11 year old giant gsd is on this plus hemp and gwf joint formula(horse one as cheaper) and she is doing really well on it