The passing of little Tess

R Taft

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Tessa was not a newfie, but a huge part of the days when we were all on NN with our puppers everyday

Tessa was a rescue pupy at 5 weeks... She was cared for by our lovely elderly gentle Newf Zacky and later she took care of him when he became very frail after his strokes... I am sure they have found one another

She was a huge part of Team Taft... Australia's official top water dog and taught all of our pups to be chilled in the water.

Tessa Mia... 2nd of February 2004 until 27th of February 2019

It was really only the last day that she could not eat and she still went for a walk with us and her Team before we took her to be allowed to was very peaceful and she was in both of our arms........Forever in our hearts......We love you little one, a very special little one. Miss your chatting and your little walks around the garden with the young ones... They miss you too. As does your partner in crime Annabelle and your forever puppy Katy :heart:
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So sorry Ronnie, you all must miss her as she was a part of your lives for so long. Run free Tessa.


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I'm so sorry to hear about Tess. I have fond memories all the stories you told about her. Hugs.


I remember Tessa. She had a good long life, but it is still never easy. I am so sorry for your loss.


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Oh Ronnie. This just breaks my heart. It seems like all our old friends are leaving and I really long to hear about them again. But I have memories and I will keep Tessa close to my heart with all the others.

Be free little girl. Romp with all our beloved dogs and carry our messages of love to each of them.


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So very sorry Ronnie, but she had a wonderful and long life with you. Until you meet again, and you will!