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Hi all, I'm the new guy in the forum. We, my wife and I, don't own a newf yet but we are planning for like 4 years to get one. So we finally made the decision to do it and now I'm reading reading reading to gather as much information as I can.
I think the best way is now to talk to people who already live with newfs and pick their brain to make sure we are as prepared as possible before we get in touch with breeders or the breeder, there's only one in our area it seems.



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Welcome one good bit of advice is go to shows or Newf meet ups that way you get to see the good ,the bad and the messy all in one.remember a show groomed Newf has taken a lot of time to get that way


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Welcome, and like Victoria said, go to dog shows. There are several n the Okanagan but you will have to wait till next year. There is lots of information on this site and we are all very happy to talk about our Newfs, the good and the bad!!


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Thanks everyone for the welcome.

I just realized that I missed to mention that I'm not totally new to living with a newf. I kinda lived with a 160 lbs male called Pirate years and years ago. He belonged to my gf at that time. So I've seen the drool on the ceiling, the sofa, pants etc, the big wet muddy giant in the house, the twice (at least) a week brushing ritual, just to run out again 5 minutes after we were done and become wet and muddy again etc etc.
Still I'm sure there's lots of stuff I don't know yet but I'll get there.
Thanks for the advice so far.




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Welcome Heiko :)

I'm in the same boat as we are currently in the waiting period right now (we look to get ours in 5 or so years). We have our breeder picked, but time is on our side :)


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I am not sure how far of a drive it is for you, but there is a large Regional Speciality (big dog show for Newfs) in Chillwack this coming weekend. That would be a REALLY good chance to see a lot of gorgeous Newfs. There are actually a number of great breeders on the West Coast. And don't let distance deter you. Sometimes the perfect breeder is on the other side of the Country. :)


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Yeah I heard. Would love to go, it's just a 3 hrs ride but I'm working Fri to Mon. :/