Thank you Tom, Debbie, and Thor


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Thanks again Tom, Debbie, and Thor for a great BBQ on Sunday! Kris brought her new Vizsla puppy, Stella. She and Thor played non-stop. Thor was all over his Stella. Chumley was a snob and that's just fine with me considering the monster he used to be. Jessica's Millie was all about her mini-baby pool.
I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the food table. Tom's secret to his pulled pork bbq was a smoker...I'm gonna' go get one it was that good. The secret to his fantastic grilled chicken was soaking it in beer, spices, and brine overnight, then a spice rub before grilling. Debbie even gave each dog a bag of her homemade dog cookies. I forgot to take a picture of Thor's fancy pants crate. It matched the living room furniture! Here's a few pics of the dogs.

Thor, Millie, Chumley, Stella, and Kris's daughter Adri stopping Stella from biting Chumley's tail.

And finally when it was time to go, Stella had finally passed out cold. Kris had to cancel her plans to take Stella to visit the neighbor...She couldn't wake her up!

Thor's Dad

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We enjoyed the day! It was great to see everyone. Jess - Thor says thanks for his new pool. We will have to get together again!


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I love newfie get-togethers. They are so much fun. And my newfs have loved chasing after vizslas.