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Hi guys,
i went to a different kennel club for conformation yesterday. there was a beautiful male newf pup there, of course the lady running the class has dobes, and being in the dobes they have to have so many teeth, they are a bit more observant, well low and behold, the bite on this male pup newf is beautiful, but it has 2 teeth more then the adults i have, our guys all have 6 teeth on top in front, and this pretty boy has 8 teeth.
does anyone know how much a fault this is? and being he is 6 months old, is there the chance 2 puppy teeth did not fall out yet?
it seemed to me that two teeth in the middle seemed smaller than the rest. they did not however feel very loose.
many said the judge is just looking to make sure the bite is straight.
anyone experience this before?
i took this from the breed standard....
The top of the muzzle is rounded, and the bridge, in profile, is straight or only slightly arched. Teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. Dropped lower incisors, in an otherwise normal bite, are not indicative of a skeletal malocclusion and should be considered only a minor deviation

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When I got Rory at 5 mo. the vet noticed that she still had a baby tooth on the top on the side. He said if it was not out in a month he would pull it. It did come out by itself even though it did not feel loose to me at all. He did also say that the larger breeds loose their baby teeth earlier. My guess would be that in this pup that you saw, if those teeth were smaller than the others, then they probably were baby teeth.


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I told her i would try to help her out on this and will see her next monday, she mentioned maybe pulling those two teeth but i cautioned her on it, becouse the adult teeth may not move over depending on how much they are poking thru already.

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In our puppy classes, the head instructor seriously advises the puppies' owners to make sure that all puppy teeth are out... and to have them pulled if they don't come out on their own. I remember her saying that this was for health reasons.... I'll check with her, to find out more.