Stroller / Cart / DIY recommendation for 9Y0 Raven w/ hip dysplasia


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Hi Folks. Our 9Y0 103lb newfie, Raven, has severe hip dysplasia and is very limited on her ability to take walks (1/4 mi at best). I was thinking of getting an XL pet stroller or even possibly modifying a yard cart, although I'm not sure I want to pull a cart vs pushing a stroller.

Have any of you used strollers (example ) or a yard cart (example) for your aging newf to sit in while we walk our younger dog? Does anyone have a specific recommendation on the available strollers out there? Maybe there's a better DYI (example) approach that you can share?

Thanks in advance for your response.


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I have no experience but the pet stroller looks EXACTLY like our bike trailer we use for our 2 year old daughter. We got it used from Craigslist for under $100 and it came with a push bar to convert to a push stroller. We only use it on the bike but wheeling it around the garage, I think it'd be fine as a stroller. Maybe search for used bike trailers to trial it out and see?


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Will you be able to get her in and out of an apparatus? Does she get up on her own? I have never had experience with a cart to put the dog in, but am curious if anyone will have some suggestions. I've been lucky in that a Help 'Em Up harness was all I needed to get them outside. Once on their feet, they could motivate and do their business. At that point, I just let them walk around the yard as they wanted. I hope you can figure out something that will work!


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I would keep her moving on her own. The old saying: Don't use it you lose it. Have your tried supplements?


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I've used a wheelchair for one of our fees.

Have you looked at Eddie's wheels as they do four wheel wheelchairs and tbh they aren't too difficult to get them into once you're used to it